The TOEFL® Test

Test Of English as Foreign Language.
The essential exam for entry to universities in the United States. Academic language.

Versions of the TOEFL® test
You can do the test on paper or on a computer, depending where you live.

Paper-based test (PBT)

The Paper-based test has the following format:
Listening Comprehension – 30-40 minutes – 50 Questions – Structure and Written Expression Free practice tests 25 minutes – 40 Questions

Reading Comprehension – 55 minutes – 50 Questions – Writing (Test of Written English) – 30 minutes – 1 topic

The paper-based test is scored from 310 to 670. (About 2h30)

The next generation TOEFL® iBT test has four sections:

1 Reading (3-5 passages) – 12-14 questions each – 60-100 mins

2 Listening (4-6 lectures) – 6 questions each / (2-3 conversations) – 5 questions each – 60-90 mins

3 Speaking (6 tasks) – 2 independent and 2 integrated – 20 mins

4 Writing (1 integrated task / 1 independent task) – 50 mins

An integrated task is one where you have to use more than one skill. For example, you read about something, listen to a lecture, and then write about what you have heard and read.

It is scored on a scale of 0 to 120. (About 4h30)

Curso Preparatório para o TOEFL

Where do I take the test?

At a test center in your country. The test is organised by the Educational Testing Service. You can register for the TOEFL® iBT online.

How much does the TOEFL test cost to take?
Prices vary in each country, in the USA the test costs $150. In the UK the TOEFL ibt is $185 while the paper-based TOEFL is $150.

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